THE SIMPLE DOLLAR & Ten Grocery Products Be Ware Of...

The Simple Dollar website is one of my regular reads.
I appreciate their thorough research and straight forward writing.

Today's post reminded me that being a creature of habit is often expensive.
Below, you'll find a snippet of their post regarding bulk-pricing-surcharges.
Something to think about next time you're shopping at your local warehouse store!


Grocery Shopping 101:

Quantity Surcharges and 10 Products to Watch Out For

Excerpted from The Simple Dollar.

"One common trap with buying in bulk is the fact that on some products, the higher volume version often has a higher cost per unit than the smaller version. For example, I recently spied two cans of tuna on the shelf at my local grocery store. The same brand (Starkist) featured a 5 ounce can for $1.29 and a 12 ounce can for $3.19. Per ounce, the smaller can featured tuna for $0.258 per ounce, while the larger can cost $0.265 per ounce, making the smaller can the better deal. This stuck in my head, so I went home and did some research on these price differences..."

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