A Gift of Lemons...

Rosie and I plucked these huge lemons and tiny oranges
from trees on my Dad's property in San Diego last weekend.
I found a lemon marmalade recipe at
It makes a small batch (six, 1/2 pint jars) which would be ideal for
this year's holiday gift baskets! Being a lover of all things lemon,
I have never made lemon marmalade before, but will try it out...
and keep you posted on the results!
P.S. I plan on juicing the tiny oranges and using them as a sauce over fish:
Here's the Rough recipe:
Brown a firm white fish or salmon on both sides; apply generous amounts of freshly cracked black pepper on both sides; set them aside in a buttered (or use Pam) baking dish. In the same pan you browned the fish, pour in orange juice (1/2 cup for 2 fillets, 1 cup for 4, etc.) and scrape it around with a wooden spoon to get the browned bits and extra pepper flakes. Add 2 or 4 TBS butter (depends on how much juice you're using) or olive oil, and lightly simmer for just a few minutes, stirring constantly (just until the sugar begins to caramelize--ever so slightly). Pour juice mix atop the browned fish fillets and then bake COVERED in a preheated, 350% oven for about 10 minutes (the baking time depends on the thickness of the fish and how long you browned them). The fish is done when you can flake it with a fork. You may also make this recipe using lemon juice, but it's not so sweet (obviously) and won't as camelize much.
Serve with a baked potato, or rice pilaf, a green vegetable and ??!
It's so yummy, even non fish lovers will probably like (or at least tolerate) this entree!
I know, it sounds a little complicated, but it's amazingly easy for the flavor value of the dish.