Sisterhood Award from The ECLECTIC CATLADY !!!

Angie at The Eclectic Catlady (hilarious blog and
a kindred spirit regarding soft-touch for anything cute and cuddly with a heart beat) has honored me with a Sisterhood Award.
Angie is much more fun to read than I am. Her writing makes me laugh out loud every time (...well... at least snuffle and snort loudly). Contrary to rumor...laughing is one of my very favorite things to do! Thank you Angie for your amusing and amazing posts...with their very cute pictures of furry creatures (okay...the guy with the hat not included in the thanks). Thank you for making my day more than once. For those of you who haven't visited Angie's blog, you're in for a TREAT.
NOW...as for giving this award to others...
I will just say, this is a small blog,
I hear by award this award to each and every one of the followers!!

Charmaine from Beautiful Things to Share
Ellen from The Existence of Ellen
Marie Beausoleil from Trail Mix-Up
Mona (you know who you are...even though you don't have a blog :)
Mary Ellen from Megarden
Heather from Vintage Girl!
Please feel free to post this award on your blog (or not)
and know that we are all sisters in spirit.