Lessons from History: Food is Essential

The Nourishing Gourmet food blog has yet another insightful and

thought provoking post today.

In it, she writes:

"Food is essential because it is of the utmost “importance” if we want to live. Food is one of those few real essentials in life, because we will quite literally die without it. Yet, for all of that, it’s rather neglected and looked down upon at times!

I am blessed to live in a country where it’s been a long while since we have had real famine and starvation. In fact, since the origins of our country we have been characterized by having plenty. Granted, there have always been the poor and hungry and there have been times of great want (and I know that many of us are struggling with jobs losses or pay cuts). But we have fared well overall throughout history.

There has been one disadvantage however. When you always have something, you tend to take it for granted. Take my life for example. My mother always made sure that our tummies were full, and I am blessed to never remember experiencing real want. Granted, my mother feed us “frugal food”, and I remember a lot of spaghetti, tacos, eggs on toast, casseroles, and canned tuna (food which I still love), but even though it was inexpensive food, we were quite well fed..."

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