Shop Your Pantry & Give the Gift of Prosperity!

What to do when time and funds are in short supply...

and I find myself in need of a few more simple gifts

to offer as a token of my affection to friends and family

I put together packets of my famous ...

Prosperity Soup TM and Prosperity Hummus TM

and present them by way of my

Good Thoughts Collection

How? I take ordinary dried beans from the pantry

(today I had a lot of white, northern beans)

along with some recycled white cardboard coffee cups...

(washed out with a weak water and bleach mixture).

I dig out some of my plastic produce netting...

from our jar on the counter.

I pull out our staple supply of cellophane bags....

and repackage the beans for gift~giving.

I'm sure you must remember my long~time motto...

"Packaging is everything!"

Some of the soup packets I put inside a recycled, cardboard cup...

cradling it all with white netting

and scraps of brown paper from my recycling box

...and tied with raffia.

Other packets become part of a larger gift basket...

and carry labels I generate from our computer.

Here, I printed out my favorite bean recipes...

rolled the paper into a scroll...tied them closed using raffia

...and included them when I presented the gift.


All were made in about an hour

using items available in the pantry...

my recycling bin and computer.


What do you have in your pantry that would make a welcome...

yet fast and frugal gift?


Idea and partial excerpt from first book,

Frugal Luxuries, published by Bantam,NY, NY, 1997.