Below is an excerpt from Frugal Luxuries, published by Bantam Books, NY, 1997

Lingering Wisdom

"May I a small house and large garden have;

And a few friends, and many books, both true;

Both wise, and both delightful too!"

--Abraham Cowley, The Wish


" If you are involved in the art of preserving foods, you might find yourself bent over a hot stove during the warmest months of the year. Take a cue from the past and set up your own version of a summer kitchen in a shady area near the garden. This is done by using your camp stove to blanch vegetables and to simmer and seal jars of jams, jellies, and preserves. You may use a small, clean child's wading pool to wash your produce beforehand. When you are finished, simply drain the pool water into your garden."

Note: All kinds of tasks may be made more pleasant when taken out of doors.
Monica at The Homespun Heart took her ironing board to the garden last month and watched her children play as she performed this often dreaded chore.

What are some of your tricks for transforming mundane tasks into more pleasurable events??